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Quaversal and the essential ‘Why’

Quaversal was founded with a simple premise that has significant implications, ‘Be Better.’

Thus, it became our mission statement. How can we be a better partner to you? How can we help with the passion, the drive, and the will you have bottled up and released it in an empowering explosion of action?

Let’s talk about Bob

Over the years working for large enterprises as an employee and then consulting with them for years later showed me numerous things that could be better. However, ‘be better’ means something different to everyone. I once had a senior network engineer client, Bob, who was great at networking, knew his protocols, configurations, and more. But one thing eluded him; the tool overlays that his company was picking to change how he did his day to day operations. These were installed white glove by great people that didn’t scope the time it took to ensure Bob was capable when they left. He felt distraught and frustrated. Being better to Bob just meant gaining his confidence back. What did I do? Simple, take time to show Bob how the tools help him, better ways to utilize them and reaffirm that his existing knowledge doesn’t become obsolete. We focus on this connection and emphasize that we aren’t just turning ‘nerd knobs,’ we are empowering you to execute on a daily basis at your most optimal performance.

Let’s talk about Bob

Did you know that being better isn’t just about work? Let’s discuss another client I had, Cheryl, that loved her job as an IT Director for Network and Security. She was one of the most passionate people I ever met. What did Cheryl want? To stop being called on the weekends and interrupting watching her children’s soccer matches. Knowing this, I stepped out to see what was causing the pains for Cheryl and her team that warranted escalations. The solution wasn’t simple in this case as it involved aging infrastructure, some broken optical lines, and some bad configurations. But, the implementation of these was simple. I performed a bandaid fix at first while we performed technical surgery on the infrastructure over the next two weeks. I’ll never forget the day Cheryl told me she went an entire season without missing time with her family.

The human component matters to everything we strive to empower at Quaversal. In a world of digital transformation, site reliability engineering, and DevOps – you should feel empowered to be a better you. Join our mailing list if you haven’t done so here, and I look forward to our next discussion.

I know a lot of you probably wonder what ‘Quaversal’ means. I get the question often; I’m happy to share… in the next blog!

Until next time,

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