Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Few businesses operate without a wireless network. As with traditional networking, the demand is for the network to be reliable, faster, carry more data, and to be efficient yet affordable.

On top of this list of demands, there’s the confusion around standards, devices, and acronyms.

We know our 802.11ax from our 802.11ac

The family of wireless networking standards are created by the IEEE and wireless device standards are created by the WiFi Alliance. All you really need to know about this is that the new standard in town is WiFi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) which made its big debut in 2019, and which we can help you roll out in your business. Not looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest or have legacy systems? We can help with your WiFi 5 (also known as 802.11ac) and legacy requirements as well to ensure the bandwidth and stability you need.

When do our clients call on us to help with WiFi? Here’s a few scenarios:
  • Install a new wireless network from scratch
  • Improve the performance of an existing network – to match an increase in throughput, more users, or to increase signal reach
  • Roll out a separate wireless network for customers or visitors to easily sign on when they are visiting a business, organization, or retail location
  • To upgrade wireless technologies and future-proof to ensure that their network is using the latest standards and technologies.