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Air. Land. Sea. And enterprise technology

Quaversal is a veteran-owned business, but it’s also a team that includes veterans from different branches of the US military.

Our founder, Paul Campbell, is ex-Army. Our service provider lead, Tyler Jewell, is an Air Force vet and reservist, while account executive Josiah Richard is a US Navy vet who was a naval aircrewman and rescue swimmer.

We each hold our commitment to country and duty central to our values. And although we hail from different branches of the military, there’s a common thread between us.  This commonality shows itself in several ways:

  • An instant sense of camaraderie. Whatever we know about each other, we know we share values and goals, with a common thread. 
  • We each know how to fit into a team and instantly contribute. Anyone who has been in the military knows how to turn up, assess, and contribute. 
  • The ability to focus on the outcome. We each have different roles and tasks, but each understands the bigger picture and the common goal.
  • A sense of accomplishment by working together. In the corporate world, there are so many platitudes about teams, but no-one joins the military thinking they will work alone. As vets we are inherently drawn to, and support, teamwork.
  • Ability to work in high-stress situations. It’s the military. We’ve each been through intense training and in extreme situations. We each know how to step back and assess a problem before we react.
  • An innate sense of trust. There’s a reason the phrase “got your six” came from the military. We are trained to watch others’ backs. That sense of trust is deep-rooted, and when you meet other members of the military family, you know they have the same inherent values.

We’re interested to hear from other veteran-owned businesses about the benefits of working with vets – and also from other vets.  Please leave a comment below. 

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