True partnerships are hard to come by – Cisco Tech Data Ignite

Quaversal honored to attend Cisco Tech Data Ignite!

Didn’t Know What to Expect Over the years, I’ve attended many Cisco and Tech Data events.  Events like Cisco Live Local! (now called Cisco Connect), Cisco Live, Partner Connection Week, joint-hosted events, Partner Summits, and many more with attendance ranging from engineer to executive representation.   Because of the broad experience, I wanted to take a moment…

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Consumption ≠ Adoption

Buckle up, strap in, let’s go! We can consume something without adopting it, but you can’t adopt something without consuming it. Consistently, without fail, the conversation in technology revolves around the consumption of the technology as a means to have widespread adoption.  Infrastructure teams often mean well, but forced usage of technology doesn’t empower or…

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Customer Experience Started With Our Name

What’s in a name? Since we launched, many people have inquired as to what Quaversal means.  I know I left you hanging in the first blog post, here.  Here we will address where the name comes from, why it is essential, and why a name matters when you’re seeking to make a lasting impact on…

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Quaversal and the essential ‘Why’

Quaversal was founded with a simple premise that has significant implications, ‘Be Better.’ Thus, it became our mission statement.  How can we be a better partner to you?  How can we help with the passion, the drive, and the will you have bottled up and released it in an empowering explosion of action? Let’s talk…

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