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Quaversal becomes a Microsoft partner


Quaversal becomes a Microsoft partner

We’re excited to share that we’ve taken our first steps into the Microsoft Partner Network and become a member of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). 

So, why partner with Microsoft?  There are several reasons:

To support our customers

As a company that has held a leading place in technology since 1976, Microsoft is an undeniably dominant vendor. Look at its presence in one place – on the desktop: in Q3 2019, Microsoft Office 365 had hit 200 million monthly active users.  At Quaversal, we use Office 365 internally, and we have customers who use different Microsoft technologies. We always strive to be better, and to support our customers.

Our experience

While Quaversal may be a new partner to Microsoft, we’re not new to selecting, deploying, and configuring Microsoft technologies and working with the Microsoft stack including SQL Server, .NET, and Office 365, and Microsoft cloud technologies.


As technophiles, we respect how long Microsoft’s been a dominant force in our industry. The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in New Mexico – it moved to its well-known hometown of Redmond a year later when it was registered and it dropped the hyphen, changing its name from Micro-Soft (a contraction of ‘microcomputers’ and ‘software’) to Microsoft. Microsoft isn’t going anywhere.

Microsoft and Cisco work well together

At Quaversal, as a Cisco Select Partner, we have a vast stock of Cisco experience and a customer base that uses Cisco. So it helps that Microsoft and Cisco have formal agreements and are each committed to working together to deliver the best solutions to users.  There’s a range of examples: from Cisco Webex connecting to Microsoft teams for open and pain-free user collaboration experiences to the integration of each company’s Internet of Things and cloud products to enhance edge computing, and the complementary vision of IT architecture bounded by the Interop Vendor Alliance.

Want to talk about Microsoft in your business?  Drop us a line and let’s talk.

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