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Customer Experience Started With Our Name

What's in a name?

Since we launched, many people have inquired as to what Quaversal means.  I know I left you hanging in the first blog post, here.  Here we will address where the name comes from, why it is essential, and why a name matters when you're seeking to make a lasting impact on customer experience.

The company name comes from the original word Quaquaversal, yes it is a real word!  The definition, from Merriam-Webster, states: dipping from a center toward all points of the compass.  Derived from Latin quaqua which means wherever, in whatever direction, in every direction.

A choice made, but why?

So, why did I pick this word? Well, I loved the root word. It stuck in my head and rattled around.  It also harkened back to my days in the United States Army by way of the compass. For those of you seeking extra credit, perhaps the logo makes more sense!  We focus on three core aspects to our services at launch: adoption services, SDN all the things, and collaborate with intent.  Adoption services mean we're focused on helping you get the most out of your products and solutions that you've previously purchased or are purchasing new.

Buying a great piece of hardware or software and ignoring the users who use it and the impact it will have on their daily lives is a big miss.  Customer experience should extend to your internal teams, where they enjoy the tools they have and know how to use them.  Quaversal aims to ensure that what you're using is maximized with efficiency and impactful to you, our customer, and your customers.  The experience of working with us and the experience of your customers working with you are the same.  We aim to impact everyone in your organization, everywhere, regardless of silos or physical segmentation.

Expanding the message.

Our message of collaborating with intent and SDN all the things is rooted in not just the traditional 'nerd knob' turning, but an enhanced implementation.  Think, for example, utilizing Webex Teams to talk and configure your switching environment or automatically creating rooms based on SNMP alerts marked critical.  What if your SDN environment popped off a chat room when someone made a change that violated compliance? Are you able to reply "revert" and the change rolls back?  You expect more out of your services and products you buy for yourself and your family; you should expect more from your business environment as well.  A development focus at our core of delivering services empowers us to think outside the box and think about how we do things in 'whatever direction, in every direction' as we script execution in one location and touch multiple things all at once - simplicity.  Quaversal.

Until next time,

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