Webex and the rocky road back to the office

Webex Room Navigator

Webex and the rocky road back to the office

As we embrace the new normal – a blend of home working and in-office – technology is critical for employees to do their jobs, be productive, feel connected, and stay safe.

At Quaversal, we choose to work with Cisco Webex for its continuous commitment to innovate and enhance the meeting experience. The latest additions to Cisco Webex devices – such as the new Webex Room Navigator – include features that boost productivity while helping businesses plan for a safe return to the office.

Webex Room Navigator is a purpose-built device that contains sensors that detect the number of people in a space, room temperature, humidity, air quality, light, and ambient noises. It sits either inside or outside the meeting room to provide intelligent, safe room-booking for users and data for IT or facilities managers. Users can easily find the right sized-space to meet, and see when rooms are free – and the status changes when people enter. Built-in technology senses that if no one shows up for a scheduled meeting, the space is marked as available for another team’s use. The in-room Webex Room Navigator also provides alerts for social distancing and cleaning schedules.

Businesses need to take steps to protect their employees as they return to the office. In a new global survey of 1,500 executives and knowledge workers, Cisco found that employees fear getting back to the office, with 95% of those surveyed admitted to feeling uncomfortable returning to the office in the current health crisis.

Meanwhile, consistent and productive meeting experiences, regardless of where employees are, is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s an essential need. The same survey found that 98% of respondents said they expect future meetings to have participants joining from home, and 58% of the workforce expects to be working from home at least eight days every month.

In my personal experience as a business owner, and from our client base, I expect most knowledge-based businesses to have their workforce mostly remote for the next six months. Whatever the percentage of employees at home on how many days, no one can dispute that the hybrid model is here to stay: for the foreseeable future there will be some employees at home and others in the office.

Companies need to take action now to optimize office space, and address worker concerns while ensuring work is as productive as possible. Technologies such as Webex make the journey back to the office as smooth as possible.

Want to find out more about Webex can level out your journey back to the office and learn more about Webex Room Navigator? Drop us an email. 

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