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“Ok Webex…”: Introducing Cisco Webex Assistant

Webex Assistant

“Ok Webex…”: Introducing Cisco Webex Assistant

As a Cisco Select Partner and a team of avid Webex users, we’re excited about Cisco Webex Assistant.

Cisco Webex Assistant is the first in-meeting virtual assistant. It’s a voice-activated assistant for Cisco Webex Boards, Desk Pro, and the Room series (not sure which Webex tools would help you and your business the best? Get in touch, we’re always happy to talk Webex).

We’ve posted here before and on LinkedIn about why we support, sell, and use Webex, compared to tools such as Zoom. Data security is one of the core reasons, and another is how Webex is committed to staying at the forefront of collaboration technologies, continually adding features and tools to enhance user engagement, creativity, and productivity. Webex Assistant is an example of that commitment.

The prompt to activate Webex Assistant is: “Ok Webex.” Users can use their voice to ask the assistant to:

– Start calls, join meetings, contact people in the directory, control Webex devices
– Ask for virtual assistant suggestions, using the prompt: “Ok Webex, what can you do?”
– Automatically note-take, so meeting notes and actions are ready for review, editing, and sharing at the close of the meeting
– Add closed captioning to video meetings
– Produce real-time, live transcriptions
– Highlight actions during the meeting, or assign specific keywords for automatic highlighting of action points.
– Automatically create post-meeting recap emails and action items
– Set up future meetings and post-meeting follow-ups
– Find actions or items in past meetings, with an advanced keyword search in all meeting recordings

Webex AssistantAnd of course, all this comes with the highest level of data privacy and security standards, a cornerstone of Cisco’s commitment to its users. This privacy includes transcription-handling: from our client base, we know many organizations are uncomfortable using transcription services that send recordings to third-parties. With Cisco Webex Assistant, recordings stay within the Cisco environment and are never shared with or sent to third-parties for transcription.

So what does Cisco Webex Assistant mean for users? Well, it links back to my opening points on engagement, creativity, and productivity. Using your voice, allows people to stay in the flow of meetings, preventing those ‘stopping moments’ to list actions or make notes. You can stay on your train of thought, and keep your meeting momentum going. Webex Assistant will help users spend less time managing meetings, and allow attendees to focus on topics, discussions, attendees, and meeting outcomes. Post-meeting, you quickly review post-meeting notes and share actions. And if you ever need to refer back to a meeting, you have full access and keyword search. All with the backdrop of the best data privacy and user security.

Want to find out more about Cisco Webex Assistant? Get in touch, and let’s talk Webex.

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