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The quaquaversal and the name ‘Quaversal’


The quaquaversal and the name ‘Quaversal’

Not everyone knows that a quaquaversal is the center point of a compass, the position where you can move out in all directions from a single point. The names comes from the Latin quaqua versus meaning ‘turned wheresoever.’

When Paul Campbell, our CEO, founded Quaversal, he wanted a name that meant something. Paul not only appreciated the etymology of the word ‘quaquaversal,’ he knew it would reflect our willingness in how we would serve our clients.  We start from a single point when we’re consulting on a project or solving a customer’s problem, then move in any way necessary to meet the needs of the client, and the requirements of their users, customers, and market.

Complementing the reference to the (qua)quaversal is our logo: a compass. A vital instrument for navigation this again reflects the role we offer as consultants. We help our clients to navigate their way through the world of enterprise technologies: constantly-changing, sometimes frustrating, but always laden with possibilities.

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