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Our philosophy: Be better

Quaversal was founded on a simple premise with significant implications: 'Be Better.'

‘Be better’ became our mission statement.  How can we be a better partner?  How can we help every single person using technology to be better?  How can we help teams to engage more, and to be better? How can we capture  our customers' passion and drive to be better?

Let's talk about Bob

A decade of working as an employee for large corporates, followed by years as an external IT  consultant, gave me first-hand experience of things I knew could be better.

However, 'be better' means something different to everyone.

I once had a senior network engineer client, Bob, who was great at networking. Bob knew his network layers, configurations, and how to configure an IP routing protocol at a hundred paces.  But one thing eluded Bob; the tool overlays his company was picking to change how Bob ran his day-to-day operations. These were installed white-glove by teams that didn't factor in that Bob needed to be able to manage these when they left.  Bob felt frustrated.  In Bob's world, 'being better' meant re-gaining his confidence.

What did I do?  Simple, I took the time to show Bob how the tools help him, better ways to utilize them, and reaffirm that his existing knowledge wasn't obsolete.

Let's talk about Cheryl

Being better isn't just about work. Let's discuss another client, Cheryl. Cheryl loved her job as an IT Director for a network and security department.  One of the most passionate people I ever met, Cheryl desperately wanted one thing about her role to change: to stop being called on the weekends while she was watching her children's soccer matches.

To solve this, I investigated what was warranting escalations and causing frequent weekend disruptions for Cheryl and her team.  It was a complex problem involving aging infrastructure, broken optical lines, and poor configurations.  But once identified, the implementation of the fixes was simple.  A quick 'bandaid' fix held things in place while we performed technical surgery on the infrastructure over the next few weeks.  I'll never forget the day Cheryl told me she went an entire season without missing time watching her kids play soccer, and spending full weekends with her family. She didn’t just feel her team got to be better – she felt a better parent.

The human element matters to everything we strive to do at Quaversal.

In a world of digital transformation, site reliability engineering, and DevOps - you should feel empowered to be a better you.

Want to talk about how better could look for you, your team, and your business?  Sign up for a free 30-minute technology review session.

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