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Maximize your time at Cisco Live 2019

Maximize your time at Cisco Live 2019

Every year Cisco Live is an adventure.  But, before you go, there are a few things I would like to offer to help you make the most out of Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, CA.

Lessons Learned

I’ve attended Cisco Live for the past four years straight.  My first Cisco Live was as an engineer for a consulting firm, and I wanted to maximize the investment of the company before me.  Therefore, I was overloaded with information and inundated with sessions – I blocked my entire calendar full of sessions.  I found myself burdened by the schedule I laid out, being up late at all the social gatherings and then sessions at 8 am every day for a week was exhausting – and being honest – I did not attend many 8 am sessions after Monday.  It was this experience that also taught me, leave room in your bag when you come to Cisco Live, you will be going home with more than you brought.

My second Cisco Live was a unique experience; I joined the Cisco Champion crew through a round of open submissions (and am still in it through 2019).  The wealth of information and the people advised me to pick sessions that were of peak interest, but otherwise, explore the World of Solutions and focus on the social aspect.  I found myself being more open to Tweet Ups or other gatherings and paying more attention to Twitter, where I found places to hang out and some awesome giveaways. This year, being more socially open was an eye-opening experience.

In 2018, we moved from Las Vegas to Orlando, and I took a different approach altogether.  This year, I focused solely on World of Solutions and all of the extra activities afforded.  For example, in previous years, the World of Solutions was a proving ground of beautiful chaos that erupted into a flurry of ideas as I went down the aisles.  But, I never had time to spend as little or as much as I wanted at any particular booth.  I always had something else on the agenda to distract or shift my focus.  I would say CLUS 2018 was my favorite so far, simply because I took a moment to breathe and relax.

Covering all three years, I found myself intrigued by this “DevNet” zone and everything it entailed.  It was over the last few years I found myself drawn to the automation and scripting capabilities I was exposed to at Cisco Live.  It was important to me that I make sure to mention this – aside from sessions, you could spend your entire week in the World of Solutions and DevNet alone – you would not be disappointed in the slightest!

Top 5 Suggestions

  1. Do not pack your schedule full to the brim
  2. Do not pack your bags until they burst, if you do, bring a larger bag
  3. Do carry mobile battery packs for your phone
  4. Do visit DevNet
  5. Do attend a social gathering every day

What about us?

Myself, Paul Campbell, and our latest DevOps intern, Samuel, will be in attendance this year at Cisco Live.  Along with being a Cisco Champion, I’ve been nominated as Cisco Live Ambassador this year.  What does that mean?  Engage with me on Twitter @Paulmc3 and use the hashtag #CLUS for questions, concerns, etc.  I’m here to help and looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and engaging with a community that has brought so much growth to my life I can never repay.

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