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Advance With Us (and Extreme Networks)

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Advance With Us (and Extreme Networks)

“Advance With Us” is the tagline for Extreme Networks, a networking company headquartered out of San Jose, and Quaversal’s latest partner: we officially became an Extreme Networks Authorized Reseller earlier this month.Extreme Networks reseller

At Quaversal, we believe that enterprise technology is only useful if it’s used. We work hard to ensure that the technologies we deliver to every single customer is what they want – and specifically what their business, teams, and customers need. Access to the broadest range of technologies – solutions, box, switch, router, and piece of software – allows us to do this, and to do it well.

It’s our role as a trusted advisor and an implementation partner to understand the nuances of different offerings and to know which specific technologies fit perfectly to meet needs, accelerate processes, and transform results. Which is why we’ve added Extreme Networks alongside Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus Networks, and HP Enterprise.

We’re looking forward to delving further into Extreme Network’s offerings, hearing more about the company’s cloud-driven strategy, and seeing the solutions that help Extreme Network’s 50,000 customers to meet their business objectives.

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