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How secure are your remote workers?

Cisco Remote Worker

How secure are your remote workers?

At Quaversal, we’re all about delivering technology to enhance our customers’ lives and livelihoods. Technology should make it easier for their business to scale, and serve employees so they can work, communicate, create, enjoy their work, and serve their customers.

 Security is a necessary backdrop. With more than three in five Americans working from home during the pandemic, and many employees planning to stay off-site for the foreseeable future, the need for remote security has never been so great.

How are you protecting employees? Can they safely work on any device and wherever and whenever they choose to work? Do they have secure access to their applications, data, and critical resources?

Some security points to consider with a remote team:

  • Have a teleworking or remote working policy
  • Use data encryption
  • Educate your users to be vigilant. For example, the number of phishing and malware attacks have increased substantially
  • Secure the use of personal technology (such as WiFi access points)
  • Use the right technology to support your team.

If you’re looking to increase productivity and protection for your remote employees that is simple to deploy and easy to use, we recommend Cisco Secure Remote Worker.

Cisco Secure Remote Worker is an integrated security solution with the power of Cisco Duo, AnyConnect, Umbrella, and AMP for Endpoints. As a Cisco partner, we can get you started with the all-in-one Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution.

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