Powered by Umbrella Easy Protect - Cisco Powered Security

Internet Service Providers face new pressures every day as wired, mobile, and satellite providers enter the market, people are building businesses, working, learning, and being entertained at home placing greater stress on capacity, and cyber threats are skyrocketing as revenues are falling.

Powered by Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect, implemented and supported by Quaversal with our exclusive reporting and design solutions, Quaversal AEGIS offers Service Providers options to increase revenues, reduce unwanted traffic, and offer your subscribers safety and security.

  • DNS-layer security, your first line of defense that identifies and blocks threats before they ever reach your subscriber’s business, home or mobile, including malware, ransomware, phishing and other cyberattacks.
  • Cloud based infrastructure and artificial intelligence always searching for emerging threats.
  • Easy to deploy, fast to market, scalable, and requires no day-to-day monitoring from your organization that provides consistent and reliable service from a trusted partner.
  • A new source of revenue for your organization while also increasing customer loyalty and trust in your service.

Quaversal is not only your Cisco Partner who is experienced with enterprise level ISP’s, and understands not only offering the service but how it integrates into your business operations.

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