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Meet the Quaversal team: Tyler Jewell

Meet the Quaversal team: Tyler Jewell

Tyler is an Air Force vet and reservist, with expertise as a cybersecurity specialist and roles held at the National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).  He recently joined Quaversal as an account executive, pursuing his dreams to work with enterprise technology in the private sector after separating from active duty in the Air Force. 

What attracted you to Quaversal?

“Many things about Quaversal attracted me. First, the innovation, pace, and entrepreneurial spirit within the technology sector. The ability to have a significant influence on an organization and be part of its success is a challenge I welcome.

“Second, Quaversal’s philosophy. During the interview process, I asked Paul Campbell, Quaversal’s CEO and founder, how Quaversal differs from other technology suppliers. Paul responded by changing the tone of the interview and walking me through his vision. He established Quaversal because there were so many organizations that just maintain the status quo or “only show up when the client needs a refresh.” Paul made it clear that Quaversal is an organization that is committed to delivering lasting, consistent value.  Quaversal works hand-in-hand with its clients and becomes an integral part of their team, and is more than a vendor.  

“Lastly, to further emphasize my last point, Paul and the rest of the Quaversal team showed the most important trait that I needed to see in an organization – genuineness. Paul explained that Quaversal aligned itself with the ideals of humanistic capitalism. The idea that a company must adopt philanthropic standards to support societal change is something that reflects how I have worked with other projects, and this carried significant weight when choosing to join Quaversal.”

What does ‘Be Better,’ Quaversal’s vision mean to you?

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it – and what you do proves what you believe. Quaversal acts on its core value of ‘Be Better.’

“It’s a simple yet powerful phrase – and an easy concept to understand but a hard one to execute. Many organizations say they strive to be better, but few deliver. Quaversal’s commitment to this vision is reflected in how the company operates. 

“The phrase resonated with me as it’s been a cornerstone in my life: before joining Quaversal, I served, and continue to serve, in the United States Air Force. As an intelligence officer, supporting special operations units or providing information of high-level strategic value, my goal was to always build upon what the person did before me. Or to better what I did a preceding year, on a prior mission, or in preceding day to preserve the life and freedom that we enjoy in the United States. ‘Be Better’ is a lifestyle and one that I can continue to deliver as part of the Quaversal team.  I look forward to sharing Quaversal’s philosophy, values, and adding to its reach and impact.” 

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