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Meet the Quaversal team: Josiah Richard

Meet the Quaversal team: Josiah Richard

Josiah is a US Navy vet who held responsibilities as a naval aircrewman and rescue swimmer. He joins Quaversal as an account executive, bringing a skillset of relationship-building and problem-solving he has accrued throughout his military service and his professional career in automotive sales.

What attracted you to Quaversal?

“I work by giving everything I have to offer, and it is about who I am working for, not where I am working.  When I met Paul Campbell, Quaversal’s CEO and founder, he was genuine and talked about his commitment to his team’s success. This sentiment echoed with me: I knew I wanted to work with someone who cared about my success as much as I care about theirs.

“When Paul shared his vision and values behind Quaversal, to provide clients with better advice, service, and experience when buying technology, that resonated with me. Having worked in the car industry and seen ‘turn and burn’ sales, I focused on my integrity and genuine connections, a cornerstone to my personal brand.

“When Paul explained his philosophy about work, tech, leadership, and followership, I knew I wanted to join the Quaversal team. When companies work with Quaversal, it’s not just because we offer Cisco, Extreme, or Microsoft products or solutions – it’s because of us. We are the differentiator.”

What does “Be Better,” Quaversal’s mission phrase, mean to you?

“Quaversal’s mission phrase, “Be Better,” is simple and sweet. We are a team of veterans, so I think we like to keep to the point. I’ve seen many companies with lengthy mission statements, but they fall short on delivering – and their employees can’t repeat what the company mission statement.  Quaversal’s mission statement is simple and aligns with our vision and focus. Being better means not being the expected or a company that provides a one-off service. It means we are a partner that strives to be better every day. How we partner and show up will be defined with each client specific to each job or situation, or what they need to succeed. It’s that specificity, relationship, and care that will be us living out our mission to be better.”

Why should a business choose Quaversal as their trusted technology advisors?  

“This is the easiest question to answer. Quaversal is a team of veterans; we care about our country and have shown that with our service. Now we all have come together to make a difference in a new way. I think we are like a special task force for good within the technology industry. You can’t check your integrity and values at the door. Those are things we carry with us in everything we do, especially when it comes to our work.” 

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